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Business and Operational Planning Capstone

September 5, 2023 December 16, 2023

Students analyze an Industry Partner’s environment and existing business plan and subsequently develop an evolved and relevant comprehensive business and operational plan for the organization, through the application of theoretical and applied learning gained throughout the program.What are the benefits to the client?Fresh new ideas and perspectivesEnthusiastic team of students working on your project, advised by experienced facultyLow-cost exploration of new business ideasExplore products or services that are outside of your organization's current business planConnect with Sheridan College academic communityStudents will provide approximately 160 hours of work, without financial payment dedicated to solving your problem During the fifteen-week semester, partners should allow for six class visits, over two hours, in addition to 20hrs of assignment reading, review and student offline questions. It is estimated that for every partner hour invested, the return is x20 free student hrs.

Admin Carol Bureau
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Open Closing on July 31, 2023

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Campaign Pitch

September 5, 2023 December 15, 2023

Based on your organizational goals, student teams (3-4 students per team, or "agency") will develop a strategically focused integrated marketing communications campaign for your brand, utilizing effective communication strategies, informed by secondary market research. The company ("client") will work with student teams and the instructor throughout a 14-week semester from September 2023 until December 2023. Teams will present their communication campaign ideas to the company at the end of the project in an agency pitch format.

Admin Stacey Sheehy
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May 7, 2023 August 17, 2023

Sheridan's Business Analysis & Process Management (Post Grad Certificate)Capstone projects run for a duration of 14 weeks. Guided by a faculty member, student consultant groups work with an Industry Client to help them develop & improve business processes and analysis of requirements. These projects apply to small, medium and large enterprises.How does this benefit you?• Work with the next generation before you hire• Fresh new ideas and perspectives• Enthusiastic team of students working on your project, advised by experienced faculty• Explore new markets that are outside of your organization’s current business plan• Connect with Sheridan College academic community• Students will provide approximately 70 hours of work, without financial payment dedicated to helping your business

Admin Umar Minhas
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Analysis of the Digital Landscape and Social Media and Content Marketing

May 8, 2023 December 16, 2023

Looking to elevate your organization, and bring it to the next level? Bring on students from Sheridan College Pilon School of Business to be your student-consultants, in a project-based experience. Students will work on one main project over the course of the semester, connecting with you as needed with virtual communication tools.Students in this program/course are introduced to the digital ecosystem in Canada. Digital marketing is the fastest growing channel for targeted communication in today's competitive business climate. Students learn about trends, best practices and industry standards, providing them with the ability to demonstrate strategic, tactical and creative thinking skills necessary to succeed in the digital arena. Please note this course is focusing on web presence in the first semester (May-August). The social media piece will be dealt with in the second semester (September-December).

Admin Maureen Garbutt
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