Gender Diversity Research and Communications

iSAW International LLC
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Nancy Speidel
Founder and CEO 4.4
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Project scope
What is the main goal for this project?

iSAW, international Strategic Accelerator for Women, is an organization with a mission to accelerate gender equality 10x. Our services have been designed to help close the global gender parity gap as identified by the 1) World Economic Forum and the 2) United Nations.

iSAW services are designed for enterprises and all women and are aimed at providing advancement and career fulfilment for the everyday working professional woman. They are delivered virtually and in person through community events reflecting cultural variations and sensitivities.

Women are participants of the full iSAW experience, men and allies contribute as champions.

iSAW needs help researching publish information and data on Gender Equality to be easily consumed and translated in to multiple languages to be shared with women worldwide.

What tasks will learners need to complete to achieve the project goal?

The project would include researching and classifying information regarding gender equality, specifically:

- each student summarize a minimum of 5 key finding, into short paragraphs to be used in the iSAW LIFT platform and Social Media, capturing data, facts and stories that demonstrate the value women bring to business, innovation, economic and social standards.

- each student selects one key finding to create a 1) short 1-2 min. video sharing the learning and 2) create a meme/infographic.

How will you support learners in completing the project?

The level of mentorship and supervision will vary depending on the student program and time dedicated.

What skills or technologies will help learners to complete the project?

The students will need research, writing, speaking and organization skills.

About the company

iSAW is the home of women’s progression, aimed at accelerating gender equality worldwide by enabling woman to progress as a strategic talent for the betterment of business outcomes and society at large.
This will be achieved by iSAW members enhancing their professional and personal power through interactions with each other and Thought Leaders, primarily via an innovative learning and intelligence habitat, nurturing a local and international iSAW community. The learning experience is underpinned by data analysis, insights and benchmarks to highlight what ‘good looks like’ in gender equality, to shine a light on those organizations which excel and illuminate the path to take for those wishing to improve. All members are driven by a values-based culture of constant striving to Learn, Lead and Lift others.