Full-stack Web Application Development

Open Closing on June 9, 2023
York University
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Instructor 5
  • Certificate; Capstone
  • 12 learners; teams of 2
  • 30 hours per learner
  • Academic credit
Preferred companies
  • Anywhere
  • Small to medium enterprise
  • Any industries
  • 1/6 project matches
Computer science & it Data analysis Software development Machine learning Artificial intelligence Databases
Project timeline
  • June 19, 2023
    Experience start
  • August 13, 2023
    Experience end
What can our learners do for your company?

Students will design and implement both a front-end and back-end web application for your organization. The application is required to use front-end components (React.js) and back-end services on a Node.js platform such as APIs and relational databases . It will be deployed on Google Cloud

What would your company get at the end of this experience?

Web Application deployed on a cloud service.

Demo of the application demonstrating the functionality

Submit the source code.

Project Examples

The project can be e.g. an application that gathers or disseminates some data. The expected size is just a few web pages. The projects can be either individual or in a group.

Example projects include but are not limited to:

  • Reservation system
  • Communication platform
  • Inventory database
  • Receipt recorder
  • Student/Mentor Communication platform