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Local Grown Salads
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Zale Tabakman
President 4.5
Preferred learners
  • United States
  • Academic experience
Operations Project management
Project scope
What is the main goal for this project?

Number of positions available: One or more teams with one or more students

We have created a "Grow Unit" that is used in Indoor Vertical Farming.

Our Grow Unit consists of several subsystems:

- the mechanical part made from several stainless steel components,

- Lighting subsystem - mounted LEDs

- IoT - Arduino - manages all the other subsystems, and reads sensor data

- Air management system - air flow, CO2

- Water subsystem

- Nutrient subsystem - adds nutrients to the water system

We currently want to do an overall on the design and prepare it for manufacturing.

With the exception of the stainless steel, we prefer to purchase off the shelf components and do our own assembly.

We are looking for a team of students to make it all happen.

If you would like to apply for to our other projects, then please click on the link below

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How will you support learners in completing the project?

There will be weekly meetings.

In between meetings there will be email and ad hoc meetings.

About the company

We are an Indoor Vertical Farming company. Check our website
We love working with Riipen Students.
We work with students from all around the world. In fact we say that the sun never sets on Local Grown Salads.
(Its true and its a pun on our Indoor Vertical Farming Technology)
We have ongoing relationships with Arizona State University, U of Texas, RMIT in Australia, University Canada West, to name a few..

We work with Capstone projects and with individual students who want a real work experience.

We provide a Virtual work environment using Agile (using JIRA), Discord, AWS, ReTool, React Native, Postgres to name some of our tools.
Zoom, and other tools.
Students can expect
1) Mentoring
2) international Networking
3) An environment to learn and prepare themselves for a career.
3) a reference letter