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Quantum Identity Group
Houston, Texas, United States
Von Grant
Creative Director 5
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Project scope
What is the main goal for this project?

We are seeking student-consultant teams to develop sophisticated engagement strategies to harness the full power of social marketing to grow provable market share and build stronger relationships with high value markets.

Program Benefits

Gain valuable work experience and build your portfolio from the comfort of your own home while taking online courses in social media management and digital marketing.

What tasks will learners need to complete to achieve the project goal?

The primary focus for the student will be:

  • Strategic Social Media Marketing - Conduct an audit of current social media presence and/or other current communication channel(s); develop and implement strategies for improving online presence and increasing engagement; create a content calendar; creating usable social media and blog posts.
  • Marketing Concierge - Assist with outbound email marketing campaigns as needed; measure and report on performance of these campaigns using tools such as Hubspot, Google Sheets, Excel, etc.
  • Content Development - Develop social posts, blog posts, LinkedIn articles, and website copy.
How will you support learners in completing the project?

Virtual Internship Program (VIP)

Students who are chosen for the virtual internship program will interact with businesses. The intern will receive mentoring once or twice a month to develop valuable skills and networking opportunities for possible future employment. The purpose of the program is to develop students’ portfolios with real world projects, provide training and education, and equip students with the skills necessary to compete in a global marketplace.

What skills or technologies will help learners to complete the project?

Academic Requirements

Academic requirements of for-credit internships are set by a student’s high school or college/university and vary by school, degree path, and internship. Students are responsible for coordinating with their counselor or teacher/professor to understand the process for obtaining course credit for an internship and then coordinating with us about the requirements.

About the company

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