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Project scope
What is the main goal for this project?

The primary focus for the student will be:

Strategic Social Media Marketing - Conduct an audit of our current social media presence and/or other current communication channel(s); develop and implement strategies for improving our online presence and increasing engagement; create a content calendar; creating useable social media and blog posts.SEO Strategy & Recommendations - Develop and implement an SEO strategy; provide content suggestions and recommendations to increase search visibility; increase our inbound traffic and optimize the customer journey; increase inbound leads.Branding - Conduct a full competitive landscape assessment; define our organization's brand and core value proposition; identify opportunities and threats facing our brand; assess where and how to improve our brand's presence and differentiate from our competitors.Market Research - Investigate our competitive landscape; perform market segmentation to identify the ideal target market for existing service; conduct customer surveys or focus groups to gain insights into the perceptions and behaviours of our target customers; identify expansion opportunities; identify key messaging for existing services.Public Relations - Develop and implement a PR strategy; create collateral, including press releases, user testimonials, case studies, and customer stories.Prospecting Strategy - Evaluate our current customer base and make recommendations for further market penetration; assess our current outreach process and develop and implement targeted prospecting; review our prospect messaging, make improvement recommendations, and create new outreach content.

Our goal at the end of this experience is:

Strategic Social Media Marketing - For the student(s) to help us improve our online presence, reach more customers, and effectively promote our brand through compelling content.SEO Strategy & Recommendations - For the student(s) to help us generate more traffic and revenue through search engines.Market Research - For the student(s) to help us gain a better understanding of our target market and ensure we are optimally positioned and our product and pricing align with our target sector/customer.Public Relations - For the student(s) to help us effectively communicate our brand's story and mission to a broad audience.Prospecting Strategy - For the student(s) to help us implement better prospecting that increases conversion rates and boost our sales team's performance.

Other duties the student may complete could include:

Assist with outbound email marketing campaigns as needed; measure and report on the performance of these campaigns using tools such as Google Sheets, ExcelContent development, including social posts, blog posts, LinkedIn articles, and website copy.

We will plan to communicate with our virtual intern(s) using these communication tools: Phone, Email, Zoom Video

Primary contact: Krishna, President

How will you support learners in completing the project?

We can be available over email for any questions. Also 4 Zoom calls for the project or any additional information support as needed.

About the company

Genius Visionary started off with a vision to create a productive business environment that may boost the economic growth of our economy. We are not just a business consultancy firm but a vision based venture to reach out to businesses that can perform at a better level in a better way only by utilizing their existing resources efficiently. We are proud to have served various businesses across different fields in the market that imparted us the experience required to run a shrewd business management consultancy.
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