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Local Grown Salads
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Zale Tabakman
President 4.5
Preferred learners
  • Anywhere
  • Academic experience
Communications Market research Product or service launch Marketing strategy
Project scope
What is the main goal for this project?

5 individual positions available

We would like students to help us with creating Social Media posts aligned with our vision, mission, and sector.

You can see samples at

The posts will evergreen articles in the following categories

1) About a healthy vegetables - we have done Basil, Peas. Every fresh vegetable is suitable. We have a long list to choose from.

2) Food Investing - articles that talk about investing in food based business, targeting angel investors. We have a list of topics to research from,.

3) Articles on indoor Vertical Farming companies - note - these are note expected to be evergreen articles, rather a life expectancy of 30 days

4) Articles on the content of Indoor Vertical Farming technology

To accomplish this, we expect the student(s) to:

  • Research the content
  • Write in Zale's voice - this will be an iterative process
  • Identify media outlets for sources

Ultimately, you will be working on content creation for our organization, potentially providing scripts or content for video

If you like the sound of our culture, and are ready to tackle this challenge with us, then we'd love to hear from you.

A student or team with excellent writing skills would be the ideal candidate for this project.

We recognize that not all students would be appropriate for all the categories, so a student can select from the categories they would like to use.

Each article is expected to be no more than 250 words or so.

How will you support learners in completing the project?

We will work with the students closely at the beginning to ensure they understand the project

Then e-mail communication and a weekly meeting to review and discuss..

About the company

We are an Indoor Vertical Farming company. Check our website
We love working with Riipen Students.
We work with students from all around the world. In fact we say that the sun never sets on Local Grown Salads.
(Its true and its a pun on our Indoor Vertical Farming Technology)
We have ongoing relationships with Arizona State University, U of Texas, RMIT in Australia, University Canada West, to name a few..

We work with Capstone projects and with individual students who want a real work experience.

We provide a Virtual work environment using Agile (using JIRA), Discord, AWS, ReTool, React Native, Postgres to name some of our tools.
Zoom, and other tools.
Students can expect
1) Mentoring
2) international Networking
3) An environment to learn and prepare themselves for a career.
3) a reference letter