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Brampton, Ontario, Canada
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What is the main goal for this project?

Our organization is interested in passionate & energetic students who like to share their talents and passion for STEAM with the next generation of innovators. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts (Aerospace) & Math.

We are on the mission of building platform of innovation for young children where you’ll do more than event planning. Your primary role will be to plan, schedule & execute various premier virtual events on behalf of INSPIRELY STEAM education as industry partner. However, you will also get an opportunity to be an educator for children, if you like. The example of events you will work on are,

  • Virtual family bonding events
  • Parent's Networking events
  • Saturday science learning with experiments events.

You will be a role model and foster an inclusive online event environment where all families and children age 6 to 12 years feel welcome. You will create a fun and collaborative fun, learning experience that will save winter for many families & create excitements within the community. All events are planned to be online & virtual where you can work remotely. You will get required necessary support & guidance from INSPIRELY staff.

This is an excellent opportunity if you are learning event management course and like to develop and hone your hands-on skills while working on the project that has tremendous positive impact to community. Basically you are getting opportunity to start your career with boosting up momentum.

We envision this project to include courses/topics on following, but not be limited to:

  • You will plan, schedule and host/conduct virtual online events on behalf of INSPIRELY.
  • You will work on driving & managing registrations via various marketing & social media channels.
  • You'll get head start on event topics. However, you will be also expected to do your own research and add value by introducing cool tools, campaigns, creativity etc.
  • You will ensure a safe, fun, inclusive environment by using your professionalism, respect and inclusivity.
  • You should be available if events are hosted during weekends and/or evenings of weekdays. Again, these are all remote stay home events.

By the end of this project, you would have mastered the skills of planning, scheduling, communicating & hosting community impactful events with educational components in it.

About the company

INSPIRELY is a Brampton-based Canadian education start-up committed to empowering the next generation of innovators in STEAM and beyond. Our comprehensive program includes Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Aerospace, and Math. Our highly-skilled Canadian educators lead interactive online classes, camps, and flagship passion discovery workshops, as well as provide science and engineering-based classroom learning kits to enhance the student's learning experience.
Our kits are designed to teach science and engineering principles in a practical and engaging way, helping students develop problem-solving skills and a building mentality. INSPIRELY caters to parents, schools, educational not-for-profit organizations, and businesses looking for effective and innovative ways to generate new leads or reward their employees, clients, or customers. Currently operating primarily in Canada, we plan to expand into the USA and India.