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George Brown College
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Jannett Ioannides
Jannett Ioannides She / Her
Field Education & Partnership Business Developer, Centre for Business
  • Certificate
  • 50 learners; individual projects
  • 360 hours per learner
  • Payment 16.65 CAD / hour
Preferred companies
  • Canada
  • Any
  • Any
  • 2/20 project matches
Marketing Financial services Search engine optimization Marketing strategy
What can our learners do for your company?

This is a Paid Internship / Co-Op. Employers interested in applying should provide compensation for the student - minimum $16,65/h per student (not financed by Level Up!). Please DO NOT APPLY if you cannot provide a compensation.

Benefits to your company

Marketing Management-Financial services students (individuals or teams) can:

• Apply marketing concepts and principles to the financial services sector in Canada and globally

• Develop and implement effective strategic marketing plans for financial products and services

• Use industry standard software to analyze data to provide marketing insights and create professional marketing analysis reports and presentations.

*Students are available between September 5-December 15, 2023. Paid internships are recommended with pay scale starting at minimum wage per hour.

* Interested employers: please contact

*More information about our co-op/ internship programs can be found here.

*More information about the Marketing Management- Financial Services Program (Postgraduate) can be found here.

Learner skills
Marketing, Data analysis, Market research
What would your company get at the end of this experience?

Students will deliver on their 3-5 Learning Outcome Objectives that were agreed upon before the Co-op/Internship commenced.

Project Examples

Student abilities include (not an exhaustive list):

1. Develop an integrated marketing communications plan for a product, concept, good and/or service based on an identified market need or target.

2. Formulate strategies for developing new and/or modified products, concepts, goods and services that respond to evolving market needs.

3. Develop strategies for the efficient and effective placement/distribution of products, concepts, goods, and services that respond to evolving markets.

4. Evaluate the impact of using different marketing strategies for a product, concept, good and/or service, on the finances, Return on Investment (ROI) and business goals of an organization.

5. Evaluate the viability of a concept, product, good and/or service in a local, national or international markets.

Required questions to apply

Companies must answer the following custom questions in order to apply to this experience:

Be available for a quick video call with the Internship Staff to initiate your relationship and confirm your scope in and appropriate fit for the internship.

Compensation MUST be provided by the employer (minimum $16,65/h per student - not Level Up financed). How much would you be able to provide in terms of compensation?

Our students require an experienced mentor and mentorship program during their work term. Can you provide a mentor and/or mentorship program during the students work term?

Would you require the student to be working remote, on site or hybrid?

I understand that I must provide a compensation for the student working with us (minimum $16.65/h per student), and it cannot be financed by Level Up.