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Management and Finance

Open Closing on June 20, 2023 / 2 spots left
University of Sussex
Brighton, England, United Kingdom
Senior Lecturer in Finance
  • Post-graduate
  • 10 learners; teams of 4
  • 20 hours per learner
  • Academic credit
Preferred companies
  • Anywhere
  • Any
  • Any, Business services, Banking & finance, Business & management
  • 2 projects wanted
Finance Accounting Communications Project management Financial services Market expansion
Project timeline
  • July 9, 2023
    Experience start
  • July 12, 2023
    Project Scope Meeting
  • July 31, 2023
    Experience end
What can our learners do for your company?

Looking to elevate your organization, and bring it to the next level? Bring on students from University of Sussex to be your student-consultants, in a project-based experience. Students will work on one main project over the course of the semester, connecting with you as needed with virtual communication tools.

Students in this program/course will have training in leadership, management and financial skills. They’ll gain an in-depth appreciation of the financial environment in both the public and private sectors. As the course progresses, students will have the opportunity to study specialised topics in management or finance to match your career interests. You can choose from financial topics such as corporate governance, entrepreneurial finance and multinational financial management. The management topics include human resources, marketing and communications. And by learning with people from all over the world, you’ll develop the expertise and confidence to work globally.

Learner skills
Research, Project planning, Business strategy, Communication, Financial analysis
What would your company get at the end of this experience?

Deliverables are negotiable, and will seek to align the needs of the students and the organization.

Some final project deliverables might include:

  1. A 10-15 minute presentation on key findings and recommendations
  2. A detailed report including their research, analysis, insights and recommendations
Project Examples

Students in groups of 3-4 will work with your company to identify your needs and provide actionable recommendations, based on their in-depth research and analysis.

Project activities that students can complete may include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial Business Plans,
  • Business Analysis (Analyst),
  • Financial Admin,
  • Business Strategies,
  • Investment,
  • Business Acquisition,
  • Securities Research.

Required questions to apply

Companies must answer the following custom questions in order to apply to this experience:

Be available for a quick phone/virtual call with the instructor to initiate your relationship and confirm your scope is an appropriate fit for the course.

Provide an opportunity for students to present their work and receive feedback.

Provide a dedicated contact person who is available for weekly/bi-weekly drop-ins to address students’ questions as well as periodic messages over the duration of the project.

How is your project relevant to the course?

Provide relevant information/data as needed for the project.