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Business - Marketing Co-op

Open Closing on September 20, 2023 / 3 spots left
Fanshawe College
London, Ontario, Canada
Betty Schoemaker
Co-operative Education Consultant 5
  • Diploma; 1st year, 2nd year
  • 3 learners; individual projects
  • 420 hours per learner
  • Payment 15.00 CAD / hour
Preferred companies
  • Canada
  • Small to medium enterprise
  • Any
  • 2/5 project matches
Marketing Market research Digital marketing Sales strategy Social media marketing Marketing analytics
What can our learners do for your company?

Virtual Project Opportunity:

Bring on one or more students from Fanshawe College in the Business - Marketing (BMK2) Co-op Endorsed Diploma to conduct a program-related project/Co-op based experience.

In the two year program, students learn that marketing is a broad set of activities and decisions that must be made about a product or service to satisfy customer needs – everything from design and production to distribution, pricing, advertising, sales and even maintenance. Developing good marketing strategies and properly executing those strategies most often determines whether a product will be a success.

The Co-op is sequenced for a 4 or 8 month Co-op. Students are available to engage in an employer-lead project/Co-op as early as May 1st and can continue as late as August 18/23 (4 months options), or from from May 1st to December 15/23 (8 months option).

Student co-ops can occur in-person, virtually or a hybrid and will count towards a co-op credit.

Co-ops must be remunerated.

Learner skills
Marketing plan, Strategy, Analyze viability of a concept, Sales presentation, Market reserach
What would your company get at the end of this experience?

Our students are eager to put into practice what they have learned about the marketing and the opportunity improve their professional demeanour. Once graduated from this program, they can pursue a career in sales, retail management, advertising, brand management, sports and events marketing, customer relationship management or market research. Graduates have the knowledge and skills to begin in a variety of entry-level positions, including marketing officer, marketing assistant, sales assistant, sales representative, merchandiser, advertising coordinator, media buyer, account representative and market researcher.

Project Examples

Co-ops are to be paid (typically a competitive hourly wage, especially in today's job market). Eligible employers can receive a Co-op Tax Credit up to $3,000. Additionally, as part of the Government of Canada's Student Work Placement Program (SWPP), a variety of funding opportunities may be available for employers to hire students for the purposes of experiential learning. See HERE for more information.

Students in the Fanshawe College in the two-year business marketing co-op diploma program have the ability to:

Year One

  • Identify how and when to use secondary data
  • Work with basic financial statements
  • Perform various pricing and profit calculations
  • Create a marketing strategy
  • Identify competition, cultural and economic issues in the marketplace
  • Analyze the market with various entry-level marketing skills
  • Work with a team toward developing a complete project
  • Apply basic accounting concepts

Year Two

  • Create an IMC campaign for a client
  • Identify and create appropriate advertising through different mediums
  • Prepare and deliver a well-structured sales presentation
  • Identify and create appropriate competitive strategies for a retail business
  • Create and analyze a comprehensive business plan
  • Develop pleasing and detailed graphic material suitable for print
  • Introductory project management  Conduct a PEST and SWAT analysis
  • Demonstrate and apply the use of key projects management tools such a work breakdown structure, network diagrams and critical path to create a project plan
  • Calculate and evaluate most standard statistical measures on existing data including regression analysis; probabilities and distributions; sampling; statistical elimination; and hypothesis testing
  • Using InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, create pleasing, attention grabbing flyers, ads and other publications at an advanced level

Our business marketing co-op students are capable of the following tasks and more!

Video Game Business Development Associate - develop new relationships and business connections, write sales proposals and project overviews and represent the company at industry events all over the world.

Marketing and Advertising - build on the company’s online presence and implement advertising campaigns to expand the business.

Territory Sales Rep - sell and deliver a large volume of product in compliance with specific customer agreements while meeting monthly sales quotas.

Social Media Assistant - Support efforts to increase growth and brand affinity by engaging target audiences and markets through social media posts and events.

Content Specialist - Prepare engaging text and images to promote programs, marketing activities and fundraising efforts.

Social Change Specialist - Be an agent of change by delivering evidence-informed social marketing campaigns promoting the reduction of tobacco use, LGBTQ+ rights and Indigenous and minority experiences.

The exact project/Co-op topic and scope will depend on your organization's needs. Student can work on some or all of the aspects mentioned above.

Required questions to apply

Companies must answer the following custom questions in order to apply to this experience:

A representative of the company will be available to answer questions from students in a timely manner for the duration of the project.

A representative of the company will be available for a pre-selection discussion with the administrator of the internship program to review the project scope.