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George Brown College
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Jannett Ioannides
Jannett Ioannides She / Her
Field Education & Partnership Business Developer, Centre for Business
  • Diploma; 3rd year, 2nd year
  • 48 learners; individual projects
  • 360 hours per learner
  • Payment 16.65 CAD / hour
Preferred companies
  • Canada
  • Any
  • Any
  • 5/20 project matches
Human resources Internal communications Employee benefits Training & development Employee retention Workplace health/wellness
What can our learners do for your company?

This is a Paid Internship / Co-Op. Employers interested in applying should provide compensation for the student - minimum $16,65/h per student (not financed by Level Up!). Please DO NOT APPLY if you cannot provide a compensation.

Benefits to your company

Students are ready to contribute to (as individuals or in a team): •Designing human resources policies and programs that adhere to employment legislation •Attracting, retain and develop a productive workforce •Managing employee diversity •Ensuring health and safety at the workplace •Advising on employee/labour relations.

Students will be equipped to enter a wide range of positions across a broad spectrum of public and private sector organizations such as financial institutions, retail, general business, manufacturing, government, legal firms and human resources consulting firms.

The following positions are suitable for these students:

• Human Resources or Recruitment Coordinator, Human Resources Assistant, Human Resources Specialist, Human Resources Administrator

*Students are available September 5-December 15, 2023 & require a total of 360 hours. Paid (from min wage),unpaid available w/ restrictions.

* Interested: please contact

Learner skills
Human resources, Recruitment, Hiring strategy, Human resource strategy, Human resources assessment
What would your company get at the end of this experience?

Students will deliver on their 3-5 Learning Outcome Objectives that were agreed upon before the Co-op/Internship commenced.

Project Examples

Student abilities include (not an exhaustive list):

1. Contribute to the planning and implementation of employee recruitment, selection, and retention strategies.

2. Administer and facilitate the performance management program.

3. Coordinate and support the development, implementation, and evaluation of employee orientation, training, and development programs.

4. Implement and support effective employee and labour relations strategies in both non-union and union environments.

5. Administer and communicate the organization’s total compensation plan.

More information about our co-op/ internship programs can be found here.

More information about the Business Administration - Human Resources Program can be found here.

Required questions to apply

Companies must answer the following custom questions in order to apply to this experience:

I understand that this co-op requires me to provide a work placement for a student that will provide them with 360 hours of work over the assigned semester dates.

Our students require an experienced mentor and mentorship program during their work term. Can you provide a mentor and/or mentorship program during the students work term?

Would you require the student to be working remote, on site or hybrid?

Compensation MUST be provided by the employer (minimum $16,65/h per student - not Level Up financed). How much would you be able to provide in terms of compensation?

Be available for a quick phone call with the Internship staff to initiate your relationship and confirm your scope and an appropriate fit for the internship