Website Redesign + Page Creation

PYNC Studios
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Preferred learners
  • Anywhere
  • Academic experience
Computer science & it Ui design Ux design Website development
Project scope
What is the main goal for this project?

Our company has been serving thousands of customers for decades. However, our current website is outdated and requires updating. We would like to collaborate with students to create new pages that help users navigate the site and find up-to-date information.

This will involve several different steps for the students, including:

  • Identifying and researching useful web pages that can be included on our website.
  • Creating new pages for the website, with our assistance in providing the content.
  • Reviewing and updating old web pages to ensure consistency of information.

Bonus steps in the process would also include:

  • Recommending potential upgrades or features that can be included in the website
What tasks will learners need to complete to achieve the project goal?

By the end of the project, students should demonstrate:

  • Research justifying the creation of new web pages.
  • Creation of new pages for our website.
  • Recommendations and improvements for old web pages.

Bonus steps would include:

  • Suggesting improvements to the overall website.

Final deliverables should include

  • A presentation of the new web pages and updates made to old ones.
How will you support learners in completing the project?

Students will connect directly with us for mentorship throughout the project. We will be able to provide answers to questions such as:

  • Our current products and website design
  • Our customer and industry insights
  • Input on choices, problems or anything else the students might encounter.
What skills or technologies will help learners to complete the project?

In order to complete this project, students can self-teach, but it is beneficial to be familiar with:

  • Website builders
  • UI / UX design principles

Again, students can complete this project without any of the prior knowledge listed here. Students will be expected to research and learn more about the above as the project goes along.

About the company

PYNC Studios stands for Perspectives You Never C. It refers to the lack of diverse imaging of black people in Film and Television.

PYNC Studios presents a unique portrayal of black families, friendships, relationships, careers, and everyday life.

Our mission is to fill the screen with a new perspective and diversify the depiction of black people in Film & Television.