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CERES Corporation Chemical Company
Los Angeles, California, United States
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Marketing Search engine optimization
Project scope
What is the main goal for this project?

Improve search engine results for key words and improve overall website optimization for key words.

What tasks will learners need to complete to achieve the project goal?

The process of SEO services.

How will you support learners in completing the project?

My time, support and information to support their efforts.

What skills or technologies will help learners to complete the project?

critical thinking, website analysis, content writing and it's translation to SEO key word search results.

About the company

C.E.R.E.S. Corporation is a chemical manufacturing company and direct to business retailer of chemicals and materials for environmental cleanup and remediation of soil, groundwater and the environment. C.E.R.E.S focuses on innovative and economical solutions for the sustainable remediation of heavy metals, chlorinated solvents, and petroleum hydrocarbons at industrial, mining, commercial, and other environmentally impaired properties. C.E.R.E.S is also conducting research and developing solutions for climate change utilizing chemistry to enhance carbon sequestration process at environmentally impacted surface water bodies.